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150HP 220A 480V NEMA 1 w/250A Breaker

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Manufacturer: Motortronics
Model: BXLD-220-480-N

Choose this option for 150 Horsepower applications.

The FXLD-39-208-N Digital Soft Starter comes with a 1600A Breaker, Frame Size 1600

BXLD-220-480-N Digital Soft Starter is the ideal solution to electrical and mechanical problems that can occur when starting AC motors across the line. The BXLD series utilizes stepless motor acceleration and full control over inrush current and starting torque.

High starting currents, slipping belts, gear box damage, pressure waves in pipes, sudden conveyor jolts, and premature motor failures will be a thing of the past with the Motortronics BXLD Series.

These starters are available in NEMA 1 and NEMA 12 enclosures. Call us for custom NEMA 4/4X enclosures.

Start It Soft - Work It Hard™

The BXLD soft starters are suited for new installations and replacement of existing starters.

Both models provide motor overload protection and can be supplied as a combination starter with a shunt trip circuit breaker or disconnect option. (Make sure you call us for these customizations)

Also, make sure you choose the XLD-KPN1 or XLD-KP12 external keypads as an add on to meet your needs.

Please read further for extended information and specifications:

Heavy Duty Design

  • Rated at 500% overload for 60 seconds
  • Designed to handle locket rotor torque
  • No need to oversize

Rugged Gate Firing Control

  • Exclusive "Auto Synchronizing" feature
  • Prevents misfiring or nuisance tripping

Built-In Protection

  • Exclusive "Toe-in-the-Water" circuit
  • Phase loss protection
  • Emergency shunt trip relay

Exclusive "Silver Saver" Circuit

  • Contactor closes without arcing or sparking
  • Eliminates contactor maintenance
  • "Mechanical life" vs. "electrical life" rating

Tested and listed for maximum versatility

  • UL and cUL Listed to be used behind ANY listed Circuit Breaker
XLD Series Specifications
Type of Load Three phase AC induction motor
AC Supply Voltage 208 - 600VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz
HP Ratings 39 - 1250 Amps, 10 - 1125 HP
Unit Overload Capacity
(Percent of motor FLA)
125% - Continuous
500% - 60 seconds
600% - 30 seconds
Power Circuit 6 SCRs
SCR Diode Ratings
(Peak Inverse Voltage)
Phase Insensitivity Unit operates with any phase sequence
Transient Voltage Protection RC snubber dv/dt networks on each phase.
Cooling Convection up to 180A, fan assisted 62 - 120A,
Fan ventilated 220 - 1250A
Bypass Contactor Shunt rated contactor included as standard in all NEMA 12 enclosed units 92A and above. Also standard with all NEMA 12 combination starters. Line start rated contactor available as an option.
Ambient Condition Design Chassis units: 0° to 50 °C (32° to 122°F)
Enclosed units: 0° to 40°C (32° to 104°F)
5 - 95% relative humidity
0 - 3300 ft. (1000m) above sea level without derating
Control 2 or 3 wire 120VAC (customer supplied)
Optional 240VAC control voltage and CPTs are available.
Auxiliary Contacts Type / Rating: Form C (SPDT), rated 5 Amps,
240VAC max. (1200VA)
3 Programmable Relays
Fault Indicator: AC triac solid state switch
240VAC, 50mA max.
Approvals UL Listed, Canadian UL (cUL) Listed
Advanced Motor Protection
Two Stage Electronic
Overload Curves
Starting: Programmable for Class 5 through 30
Run: Programmable for Class 5 through 30 when "At-Speed" is detected.
Overload Reset (Note 1) Manual (default) or automatic
Retentive Thermal Memory Overload circuit retains thermal condition of the motor regardless of control power status. Unit uses real time clock to adjust for off time.
Dynamic Reset Capacity Overload will not reset until thermal capacity available in the motor is enough for a successful restart. Starter learns and retains this information by monitoring previous successful starts.
Phase Current Imbalance
Protection (Note1)
Imbalance Trip Level: 5 - 30% current
between any two phases
Imbalance Trip Delay: 1 -20 seconds
(Electronic Shear Pin)
Protection (Note 1)
Trip Level: 50 - 300% of motor FLA
Trip Delay: 0 - 20 seconds
Load Loss Trip Protection
(Note 1)
Under Current Trip Level: 10 -90 % of motor FLA
Under Current Trip Delay: 0 - 20 seconds
Coast Down (Back Spin)
Lockout Timer (Note 1)
Coast Down Time Range: 1 - 60 minutes
Starts-per-hour Lockout Timer
(Note 1)
Range: 1 - 10 successful starts per hour
Time between starts: 1 - 60 minutes between start attempts
Programmable Outputs
Type / Rating Form C (SPST), Rated 5 amps
240 VAC max, (1200 VA)
Run Indication Start/Stop or Start/End of Decel
At Speed Indication At Speed/Stop or At Speed/End of Decel
Acceleration Adjustments Programmable Ramp Types: Voltage or Current Ramp
(VR or CR)
Starting Torque: 0 - 100% of line voltage (VR)
or 0 - 600% of motor FLA (CR)
Ramp Time: 1 to 120 seconds
Current Limit: 200 - 600% (VR or CR)
Dual Ramp Settings 4 Options: VR1+VR2; VR1+CR2; CR1+CR2; CR1+VR2
Dual Ramp Control: Ramp 1 = Default,
Ramp = 2 selectable via dry contact input
Deceleration Adjustments Begin Decel Level: 0 - 100% of line voltage
Stop Level: 0 to 1% less than Begin Decel Level
Decel Time: 1 - 60 seconds
Programmable to decel or coast to stop upon overload trip
Jog Settings
Jog function selected via
dry contact closure input)
Voltage Jog: 0 - 100%
Time of Voltage Jog: 0 - 20 seconds
Current Jog: 100 - 500%
Kick Start Settings
(Note 1)
Kick Voltage: 10 - 100%
Kick Time: 0.1 - 2 seconds
Fault Indications Shorted SCR, Phase Loss, Shunt Trip, Phase Imbalance Trip, Overload, Overtemp, Overcurrent, Short Circuit, Load Loss, or Any Trip
Lockout Indicator Coast Down Time, Starts Per Hour,
Time Between Starts, and Any Lockout
Metering Functions
Phase Currents 0 - 9999 Amps, Phase A, B, or C
Remaining Thermal Capacity 0 - 100% of available motor thermal capacity
Elapsed Time 0 - 1,000,000.0 hours, non resetable
Run Cycle Counter 0 - 10,000,000 run commands, non resetable
Lockout Time Values Remaining time of any enabled lockout timer
Fault Codes Abbreviated fault codes, indicating trip and operating mode
Fault History Last 3 faults with Time and Date Stamps
Serial Communications
Protocol Modbus RTU & RS232
Signal RS-485
Network Up to 247 devices per mode
Functionality Full operation, status view, and programming
via communications port
Operator Interface
LED Readout 4 digit alpha numeric, high brightness, 7 segment display
Keypad 8 functions keys with tactile feedback
Status Indicators 8 LEDs
Remote Mount Capability Up to 10 feet (3 meters) from chassis
Clock and Memory
Operating Memory DRAM loaded from EPROM and EEPROM at initialization
Factory Default Storage Flash EPROM, field replaceable
Customer Settings and Status Non-volatile EEPROM, no battery backup necessary
Real Time Clock Lithium ion battery for clock memory only,
10+ years life span
©2003 Motortronics™, All Rights Reserved. Motortronics™ is a division of Phasetronics, Inc.


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